Sanfilippo Wing It! Quando mettere l’eyeliner diventa più facile

Ciao a tutti e buon sabato!

Da tempo volevo parlarvi di un’azienda, ma tra una cosa e l’altra ho sempre aspettato, ma ora è giunto il momento di farlo 🙂 Si tratta di Sanfilippo Wing It!, un brand che produce eyeliner in penna composti da due estremità: da una parte si trova uno stampino che forma la codina, dall’altra la penna per completare il tratto.  Continua a leggere

EFFEI CLOTHING: l’handmade si combina col vintage

Ciao a tutti! Recentemente ho ricevuto un regalino da uno shop online di prodotti handmade a tendenza vintage: EFFEI CLOTHING BRANDContinua a leggere

Bronx Colors: Young, Urban & Sultry Cosmetics

Buondì a tutti e buon lunedì 🙂 Chi mi segue su Instagram sa già che recentemente ho ricevuto dei prodotti make-up da testare, niente meno che dal brand Bronx Colors

Per chi non la conoscesse, l’azienda Bronx Colors ha sede in Svizzera e si ispira agli ambienti urbani, che vedono un mix di etnie e influenze, un rimescolamento di arte, musica e danza per uno stile giovane e deciso.

Essendo l’azienda primaria e non la divisione italiana ad avermi inviato i prodotti, i link ad essi rimanderanno al sito estero (ma potete trovare tutto anche in quello italiano, che vi linko in fondo all’articolo).

I prodotti che ho ricevuto sono 4:

  • Palette di Ombretti Arch Angel G.
  • Precision Blending Sponge
  • Urban Line Beauty Stamp & Eyeliner
  • Matte Lip Tint n. 10


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New specials for the fall season

Don’t you think the weather is turning a little bit cold? Your summer clothes couldn’t maintain body temperature anymore. That is to say, It’s time to prepare your new outfit for Autumn/Winter.

Talking about looking good in the fall season. What could be better than a sweatshirt/sweater? We prepared and proudly represent you the 2017 fall season collection! No matter if you’re a lover of styled cardigan , tunics or lace-up sweaters. We have them all included. Here are some of the most recommended.


This Boat Neck Loose Sweater deserves to be one of the must-have item. Comfortable and easy to match with different outfits. Perfect for outdoor activities.



Boat Neck Lace Up Sweater which suits in any situation. We have other colors available too! Check them out.



A sSpice Zipper Sleeve Choker Sweater with best quality and unique fashion design. Simple but attractive!


Where did you get that sweater?”

I would also like a sweatshirt!”.

Does this sound quite familiar? Here’s your great opportunity to feel warm and look cool at the same time, click on the link below to add these finest and cheap rates collections into your wardrobe. The cold season is approaching, better hurry!





Dance Your way through fall — Plus size party choices

Let’s be complete honest: No one enjoys returning to work after the lovely summer holidays. But no matter what, the summer is gone and we won’t be able to stop it. What should I do? Remain calm during the whole autumn and wait for Christmas? Seems boring for me. I need to escape. I need to dance until all my pressure disappear.

I found these party dresses from ROSEGAL that would help me and probably help you out if you feels the same as me. Let dance our way through this autumn!


Black lace dresses are my personal favorite of the classic dresses. Black is a sexy color, even more sexy when it combines with the lace sheer sleeve. I’m so satisfied they add lots of details on the sleeve.


White is a classy ,clean color. Put different color‘s stripes on it, it becomes fun to wear. Suitable for in or out. A nice choice for dance & party lovers. This adorable dresses only cost $9 at the moment. Get it now.



Elegant style matches its color. The flare print is well detailed. Vintage is always charming and attractive. With flower prints, it reaches a new level.


Create your Autumn Closet with Rosegal [discount code insede]

Hey guys! Here I am again, with another wishlist I created for myself and wanted to share with you. This time, I browsed the Rosegal online store, that I found awesome since the first time! One of my favourite Autumn articles are blazers for women, because I find them extremely versatile and comfortable! That’s why I put one in my wishlist 😉

  1. One Button Letter Embroidery Blazer (19,63 €) –> This is a very funny blazer, because it has a typical British pattern, but it’s enriched by patches giving it a casual twist.

blazer brit + patch

2. Mid Rise Distressed Fishnet Panel Jeans – White (18,32 €) –> Since I love grunge and rock styles, I couldn’t fall in love with these ripped jeans with fish net panels.

jeans bianchi con finta calza rete


3. Canvas Strap Quartz Watch With Flower Face – Black (4,56 €) –> Another passion of mine are watches, that’s why I chose this sporty but feminine black watch, with flowers on its face. I think it is perfect both for day time and a night out with friends 🙂

orologio nero con fiori quadrante

I have also a special discount code for you! In fact, summer sales are ongoing, all from 33% off!!! Use the code RGEN for another 10% off! 😉


Did you ever shop on Rosegal? Do you like it? Let me know! ❤


My Gamiss Wishlist :)

Hey guys, I’m back with a brand new fashion wishlist, this time from the Gamiss online shop. I have already collaborated with this shop and I was totally satisfied with everything!

I chose 3 items that could fit the incoming Autumn season…

1) Long Sleeve Plaid Dress – Checked (6,22 €) –> This is an Autumn/Spring casual dress, characterized by a tartan/checks print, which is my favourite one! I think it can fit any occasion, according to the accessories you match with it.

tartan dress.jpg

2) Double Buckle Eyelets Cross Straps Ankle Boots (16,05 €) –> I fell in love with this pair of boots as I find them extremely rock, with it straps and studs! I think they can be perfect with dresses, skirts, shorts and slim-fit trousers 🙂

stivaletti rock

3) Metal Leaf Chains Crossbody Bag (8,36 €) –> I chose this bag as I totally love the leaf closing it! I find it perfect for both nights out and day time 🙂


And what about you? Did you know Gamiss? And have you already thought about an Autumn/Winter wishlist for this year? 🙂 Just let me know!!