The New Autumn Entries of My Closet, Made in ZAFUL

Hi guys! How are you? How have you spent your Christmas Holidays?

I want to share with you the new items I chose from the Zaful online shop! 🙂 Are you curious? So go on reading the article! 😉

I got 5 items, so let’s see them together…

Striped Crop Surplice Blouse

This is a perfect spring/summer time striped shirt! I think it could be defined as a kinf of “boho” style item, with dark green and ochre stripes and a V-collar. Behind, the hem is gathered and elasticized. I think it could be perfect with high-waisted trousers or skirts!


Price: $ 12.99


Mock Neck Shift Sweater Dress

This is a wonderful one size red wine sweater/mini dress! It can be worn both with a pair of patterned tights and leggings/tight trousers. In the photos below, I used my favourite Vans sneakers, but a pair of bikers/elegant boots could be awesome for a night out!


Price: $ 12.99


Raglan Sleeve Shift Sweater Dress

This is a kind of sweater/dress, as it has the typical fabric and sleeve-shape of a sweater, but the global shape is that of a dress. So I think it can be used by day, mainly. I matched it with one of my favourite pair of studded boots and my favourite animalier print tights, besides the hat and belt I received from Zaful [see below].


Price: $ 19.16


PU Leather Braided Band Military Hat

Unfortunately, this item is now out of stock, but I hope it’ll be soon available! It is one of my favourite accessories: a hat. In this case, I chose a military style black hat, which I love very much! I find it perfect for any occasion, especially for daytime.


Price: $ 8.94

Vintage Leopard Print Round Buckle Dress Belt

Since I love leopard prints, I coulnd’t resist and chose it 🙂 It is a vintage belt made in fake pony bristles, with a classic leopard print. I love to use it with constrasting colors! I matched it with my new chestnut red dress [see above], but I think I’ll use it mostly with jeans and skirts!


Price: $ 10.49

What do you think about all of this stuff!? I’m totally satisfied! 🙂

Let me know your opinions!!! ❤




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